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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Has Pat Robertson been reading The Book of Mormon?

While I'm quite sure that the answer is no way in Hades (as Robertson's Christian Coalition was instrumental in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changing its name and denouncing scripture), Nephi was compelled by the Spirit of God to kill a man of influence who was wicked and could have negatively impacted nations.

While driving from the Eugene airport to Corvallis today, I got to listen to plenty of talk radio, from Rush Limbaugh (yes, el Rushbo) and Laura Ingram to Michael Savage, who completely and unabashedly agreed with Robertson that Chavez should be assassinated, backing it up with a lot of reasons.

When I first heard about Robertson's statement, the first thing that popped into my head was 1st Nephi 4:6-18. I admit that it's not a perfect parallel, but I believe that the same underlying principles apply. The only problem is that we're not living under the law of Moses anymore, and the law of the Gospel would specifically prohibit even the thought. Bill O'Reilly opined that "Jesus wouldn't give fish and loaves to all those people and then turn around and say 'But let's assassinate Hugo Chavez.'"

Even with this in mind, I believe in modern revelation that trumps all. I'm not saying that God inspired Pat to publicly speak his mind on the subject, but at the same time, anything is possible. God has used worse people to bring about his purposes in the past.

I have an enormous respect for life, especially since my daughter was born eleven months ago. However, if his opponents speak the truth about him, I agree that Hugo Chavez should be assassinated as The Book of Mormon teaches that a wicked king can have the most negative impact on his people and cause them to sin with him (Hey, doesn't that sound familiar, like what's going on in Venezuela?), and it also points out the fact that a king can't be dethroned but by much contention and bloodshed. Therein is wisdom!

If he was impeached (does the Venezuelan "democratic" government even support impeachment?), would he stand down or take control of the government? Would his people even push such a movement?

I'm not in posession of all of the facts, but I am of the opinion that if it should happen, I will not hold the assassin accountable.

Friday, August 19, 2005

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